cocos2d-x MotionStreak – improved

For my upcoming game, I wanted a Sprite to leave a trail behind. In cocos2d-x, this is usually done using a MotionStreak object.

The cocos2d-x MotionStreak

To learn how to use it, I had a look at the cocos2d-x tests. The sample creates a cocos2d-x MotionStreak object, then adds it to the game layer. You need to update its position in the layer’s update() method.

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Mobile games development – a hard journey (part 1)

I’ve been doing mobile games development since 3 years now. It started when a friend showed me a game idea over lunch. At that time I was a full time employee for a large automotive corporation. If you have a VW group made car, its radio has some code designed by me ;).

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